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Wire Rope, Chain and Nylon - Loadguard Slings, Chokers, Bridles, Assemblies and Fittings


Multi-Leg Wire Rope Bridles



Wire rope will fail if overloaded, misused, damaged, abused, worn out or improperly maintained. Always inspect wire rope for damage, wear or abuse before every use. Failure to follow the care, use and inspection instructions could result in severe personal injury.


The following should be considered criteria for rejection:

  • Ten randomly distributed broken wires in one rope lay or five broken wires in one strand in one rope lay. Snagged, nicked or severely bent wires count as broken wires.
  • Abrasion, scrubbing or peening causing loss of more than 1/3 the original diameter of outside individual wires.
  • Evidence of rope deterioration from corrosion.
  • Kinking, crushing or other damage that results in detrimental distortion of the rope structure.
  • Any evidence of heat damage including bare electrical conductor, ground or welding arc.
  • End attachments that are cracked, deformed, worn or loosened.


Any warranty, expressed or implied as to quality, performance or fitness for use is always premised on the condition that the published rated capacities apply only to new, unsed slings, that the mechanical equipment on which such products are used is properly designed and maintained, that such products are properly stored, handled, used and maintained, and properly inspected during the period of use.



Type 12

2-Leg Bridle Strand Laid Slings



Type 13

3-Leg Bridle Strand Laid Slings





Type 14

4-Leg Bridle Strand Laid Slings