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Wire Rope, Chain and Nylon - Loadguard Slings, Chokers, Bridles, Assemblies and Fittings

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We have the capability to perform destructive and non-destructive testing of wire rope and chain assemblies

Depending on the peak load required, Brown and Perkins has both Chant Engineering and Tinius Olsen pull testing systems.


Proof Loading stresses an assembly to two times the safe working load limit (2XSWL) on an assembly to assure the assembly can carry the WLL safely.


Pre-stretching is the repeated application of a predetermined load to a finished structural strand or wire rope. The intent is to remove the inherent stretch in the rope.


Magniflux (Magnetic particle Inspection) is a non-destructive testing process for detecting surface and subsurface cracks in swaged fittings.


Destructive testing to determine the ultimate strength of wire rope or an assembly to be compared to the test results from the wire rope manufacturer.