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frequently asked questions

Below, we've compiled a list of most frequently asked questions from new and existing customers. You may be able to save a phone call or two by clicking on one or more of the questions below:

General questions
Call one of our salespeople at 609-655-1150. Joe, Bill and Bob will help you get what you need.
We require our credit application be filled out and signed by a principal from your company. Click here to download a copy of our credit application. Fax it to 609-655-1173 and we'll get on it right away. Call Diana with questions or concerns: 609-655-1150.
Someone will be here from 7:00AM until 4:00PM, Monday thru Friday, holidays notwithstanding. If your order is COD,  please call in your credit card information the day before or come after 9:00AM to avoid delays. Holidays are New Year's Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Thursday & Friday, Christmas (2 days).
This can be tricky. We can help you with standard lifting specifications for wire rope and chain assemblies, but for complex tasks and non-standard assemblies, it is best left to your engineers to design these for you. Talk to our salespeople for more information.
We do have a pick-up truck and can make small deliveries...we prefer to make them locally but depending on your order and your company's status, we can discuss it. Call Dave at 609-655-1150.

We have done this on occasion. Please talk to Bill Comly at 609-655-1150 to discuss your needs.
Brown and Perkins, Inc. does not share, rent, or sell any personally identifying information provided through our Site (such as your name or email address) to any outside organization for use in its marketing or solicitations.
Brown and Perkins can make a standard sling in a few hours given we have what you need in stock and the production schedule allows. Next business day is the usual turnaround time, but schedules may be full at any given time. We will do our best to accomodate you.
Discuss your requirements with our sales dept. Tell them what you want or need...we may be able to make your custom sling/assembly with what we have in stock. If not, we can get parts expedited in quickly. Talk to the guys...609-655-1150...
When a customer's sling is received for inspection, he will be required to complete a form identifying the company and contact person. B&P will inspect the sling in accordance with industry standards to acertain if the sling is serviceable. The most important outcome of this inspection is: if the sling is determined to be unsafe in any way, the sling will not be returned, it will be destroyed at the customer's expense. If, for example, a four leg wire rope bridle is presented with defective wire rope, but the attachment hardware is serviceable, the bridle will be destroyed and the customer's hardware will be returned or used in the manufacture of a new bridle. If, however, the bridle passes inspection, a new capacity tag will be attached and it will be returned to the customer. Proof testing of slings, new or used, can be performed for a nominal fee.

New Customers
You can order by phone and pay with a credit card. Please pay the day before pick-up or shipment to avoid Sharon at 609-655-1150.